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My Philosophy...

As a father of three smart, funny young-adult daughters, a husband to a very lovely wife and a devoted son to a wonderful and vibrant mother, I have learned a few things about women. I have learned that they don’t always feel beautiful, even if I think they do. I have learned that they like certain kinds of pictures of themselves, and hate others. I have learned that they like to decide which is which.


Bruce Caines Photography is rooted in my understanding and empathy for the women in my life. It is rooted in my deep respect for women--in their intelligence, their kindness, their power, and yes, their beauty. When I photograph you, I know that you are trusting me to put you in your best light; to see what you see in yourself when you are feeling like your most confident, sexy and beautiful self--or to help you discover that side of yourself. My goal is simple, to facilitate an experience that helps you feel comfortable, confident and gorgeous and to capture that experience. I believe that when you choose this adventure, you are choosing to celebrate yourself--your power and your beauty--and to capture this moment in time. My job is to provide a luxury experience to help you do that...




The Bonus…

So, everyone is not as lucky as we are. There are women in our city who are suffering, whether from serious illness, an abusive domestic situation or an economic setback that has left them without a stable home. I would like to do my small part in helping to make their lives a tiny bit better. When you purchase a boudoir or portrait session with Bruce Caines Photography, you are choosing to help me to help them. For every session, you purchase, I will provide one studio or on-location makeover portrait shoot for a woman in need.

In the past, I have donated my time to Look Good Feel Better, a program that teaches women, through workshops in hospitals, how to overcome the appearance related side-effects of cancer treatments utilizing makeup, wigs and scarves. My time photographing these women are among my most cherished experiences. I look forward to continuing this work and to working with a number of other non-profits devoted to assuaging the suffering of women in need in our area.


My Story…

As a native New Yorker, I began my photography career as an intern to a fashion photographer while I was a student at the High School of Art and Design. As I continued my education and graduated from the School for Visual Arts, I worked with various NYC photographers, shooting fashion, food, lifestyle and architecture. When I went out on my own, I shot fashion, but in short order I gravitated to shooting regular folks. I loved getting to know people and telling their stories through images.  

I found myself creating portraits for editorial magazines and national advertising campaigns. Soon, the idea for my book was born and I traveled the country to meet people, hear their stories and take compelling portraits. Our Common Ground (Crown Publishers), is a collection of photo essays that highlight the visual stories of both ordinary people--and not so ordinary people--and the extraordinary contributions they have made to the world.

Although my career has taken many twists and turns since then, I have been lucky to pursue my art, both as an Emmy Award nominated director (Blue’s Clues, music videos) and as a still photographer. In recent years, I have gravitated back toward my desire to not only capture stunning images, but also to reveal the deeper beauty of my subjects.

Bruce Caines Photography is a reflection of these goals. Whether I am shooting a boudoir-style photo or a modern portrait of you, I am looking to reveal what is best and unique about you--what is most beautiful.

Do you have a story to tell?  What's that event you want to celebrate? Do you have a partner to surprise? Is there a personal milestone you want to bookmark? Do you just want to capture how sexy you feel? Or maybe, you just want a gorgeous modern portrait of yourself, or you and your partner. My goal will always be the same--to surprise you by revealing, in timeless photographs, the absolute most beautiful and confident you.

Bruce Caines and Suzanne Caines

Me and my wife, Suzanne, Valentine's Day in Barcelona

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