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Making A Difference

This is not a story about boudoir photography or about how Bruce Caines Photography works to empower women through our client shoots or our free makeover portrait shoots with women in crisis.

But in a way it is.

I'm sharing this to emphasize how in every incarnation of my professional life, I have found a way to make a difference in people's lives. In an earlier portion of my career as a photographer, I authored a photo book called Our Common Ground: Portraits of Black Changing the Face of America (Crown Publishers). Our Common Ground was my passion project where I got to tell the stories of ordinary people living extraordinary lives.

The Today show's Mike Leonard, created a feature which beautifully told the story behind the stories. You may even recognize a younger Neil deGrasse Tyson (before he was THE Neil deGrasse Tyson), who I photographed and interviewed for my book! Fame has not changed him, however, we both have more grey hair...

I love meeting people and helping them tell their stories. I loved it then and I love it now.

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