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Collette Mclafferty's Personal Celebration

New York based singer, Collette Mclafferty had a hellish couple of years. Despite having a successful indie band, edibleRed, with a serious following and a label behind them, and Collette's numerous solo projects including work as a session artist, things unexpectedly went off the rails. She found herself, unwittingly, getting caught in the middle of a legal battle between two business partners when she agreed to do a one-off performance for a Pink tribute band. Suddenly she was the focus of the suit and insane and unfair press coverage--simply because she took the wrong gig at the wrong time. The press latched on to a false claim that she was accused, in part, of being unattractive, untalented--and then the press added, too old, to perform. Her experience was emotionally, psychologically, and professionally devastating. The normally outgoing Collette became a social hermit.

So after two years, a positive legal outcome, and the beginnings of a career resurgence, she wanted to celebrate with a boudoir shoot. I feel honored that she let me and makeup and hair stylist, Ana Maria, be a part of the celebration of her return to herself!

After her shoot, Collette chatted about the experience that brought her to shoot with us--and the experience she had doing her boudoir session.

BEFORE and AFTER: Collette arrived with her face scrubbed and the glamour ready to be unleashed!

Collette Mclafferty boudoir shoot before and after

Collett Mclafferty - glamorous pin-up styling

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